Rules, procedures, regulations, statutes, and commandments: these are the mechanisms of the law. The attendants of the law are shame, guilt, and failure. Jesus brought freedom from the tyranny of the law, and release from shame and guilt. Believers and Followers of The Way stand “holy and blameless” before God who sees us in the purity of His Son Jesus.  

This truth can sound like so much dry theology. Knowing the truth intellectually, speaking the truth analytically, and yes, even teaching the truth systematically is not freedom. Freedom is an experience of the deep soul. Freedom is a conviction of the heart. Freedom is the gift of the Holy Spirit living, vibrant, dynamic, and powerful within us.  

Religion does not offer freedom, but rules. Religion does not offer relationship, but only the appearance of relationship. In the second chapter of Galations, Paul recounts how he took Peter to task for falling back under the spell of religion. Peter, the head of the Church, was catering again to the rule making of the traditional Jewish population. Paul got fired up about that: Peter, he seems to say, come back to your senses! Remember our freedom in Jesus Christ. You must refuse to return to imprisonment of religion.  

Today, the questions will be: Am I connecting by prayer and thought with the Source of my freedom? Am I inviting the Holy Spirit into my heart and mind? Am I surrendering my daily activities to his guidance and will? Am I opening my life fully to the authority and influence of the Spirit? Am I submitting to the will of God for the glory of His Kingdom? These questions relate directly to freedom. We are to live freely, but with a purpose: the purpose for which we were created: to serve. We are not here for ourselves, but to serve the purposes of the One who created us. In this, we feel the full exhilaration and joy of freedom.