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Leaving a peanut so that someone might break the shell to the nut inside.


Right Conduct

I enjoy an occasional glass of wine. Some of my brothers and sisters refuse wine or any alcoholic drink as sinful.

I do not argue with them, because I recognize that wine can cloud the mind, and lead to poor judgments. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and can cause a person to be more susceptible to sin. So, I respect their position.

When I am in a group of believers, I find some like myself, and some who are complete abstainers. I can choose to abstain as well, and sometimes I will if I sense that the believer is new is his faith, and watching me to see if I do something he thinks to be wrong. The issue then is not that I am right or wrong, but what impact does my behavior have on the new believer.

I would never try to persuade the new believer to my point of view. The question is not of that importance or magnitude. But as Paul says in these verses, the issue is whether I aid or impede the new believer in being steadfast in his emerging faith.

Paul makes this point: Jesus sacrificed his life, and even his high position with the Father in Heaven, to “accommodate” the needs of broken, lost people. Therefore, we can put aside our ego driven need to be “right” and humbly adjust our behaviors to the needs of those around us, being careful not to cause anyone to depart from the narrow path.

This principle applies to many matters obviously, not just what we drink or eat. Often it applies to how we “state our case” rather than really listen to the position of the other party in an effort to understand. A “know it all” must “get the last word” kind of Christian is not going to draw people to God.

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