Thank you Ralph. I viewed the Carlin video. Carlin: “Religion is Bullshit I understand your concern that the content is sacrilegious. I agree that Carlin is “grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred.” 

Of course, the main issue for us is: “What is Carlin telling us about God, ourselves, and our culture?” If we dismiss Carlin as an rabid enemy to God, we’ll miss important information. I share your concern that his gig can harm the “unsuspecting or ignorant.” Most of the world is not grounded in the truth of the Christian world view. Most have grown up, like Carlin, in a very rule-based, impersonal relationship with “God-in-a-Box” and emotionally are still at that place.

Carlin raises the ultimate theological question in his gig: If there is a God, why did he create a world of so much suffering and misery? Christian apologetics and “systematic theology” based on scriptural truth have answered that question, and I am comfortable with that answer. Sin is the result of humankind’s misuse of God’s precious gift of freedom. Sin is our introduction of misery and death in the world, and we are wrong to blame God. Carlin either doesn’t get that, or doesn’t accept that.

I don’t sense anger in Carlin. I do sense hubris and arrogance. But I also sense a sincerity that I find appealing, and that I think endears him to God. In some ways, Carlin was closer to the Kingdom than a brainless religionist who “gathers on Sunday in a building to compare clothes.” I mourn that Carlin likely died holding to his atheist convictions. I really don’t know how God processes the life of George Carlin. But I know He never loved Carlin less and could not love him more.

Ralph, you and I as followers want to introduce “the ignorant and unsuspecting” to Jesus. Many of these persons by the way “attend Church.” We need to respond without feeling threatened by the attitudes expressed by Carlin because those attitudes are not original or novel. Most people hold those attitudes and Carlin simply brings them boldly to the surface. In fact, we and Carlin start from the same place: the world really is f—-d up! We offer good news that people can be set free from the insanity and death that infect this world.