I watched a master juggler at Cirque de Soleil on YouTube recently.  He had wonderful agility and flexibility.  His motions were not just those needed to juggle.  He moved gracefully, rhythmically, as if one with the music.  He was “light” and “free” in his movements.  Yet, he was also focused, controlled, and part of a carefully planned choreography.  
I think this juggler exemplifies the life of a believer who is moving freely and lightly in the rhythms of God’s grace in the service of the Kingdom.  God sets the tempo, creates the scene, assembles the audience, chooses the music, even selects the number of balls we are to juggle that day.  When we are “trained in the Spirit” and learn the way of walking and working with God, we “flow” in how we respond.  
A juggler has to make quick, small but critical adjustments.  Life comes at us each day relentlessly.  A new ball is suddenly added to our routine.  It might even be a bowling ball added to our tennis balls.  How do we respond? 
 Recently, a person brought me a bowling ball just when I was happily doing my usual routine.  The person had a grievance and presented an “issue” that I had created for her.  In my not so distant past, all the balls would have dropped, and the bowling ball would have landed on my toes.  You know the classical reaction:  denial; defensiveness; withdrawal.  The Holy Spirit had been “working with me” for some time however, and I knew enough to quickly consult with the Spirit, and to call on the Sprit to guide me through the process of receiving my friend’s complaint.  There was a “freedom” and “lightness” in my response, even as I redoubled my efforts to keep everything in “balance.”  [Of course, losing your balance is part of learning to keep your balance].  
I think I get it now.  Life is continuously changing the pace and content of our experience.  We can sometimes feel like we’re dodging bullets or dancing the minuet.  But in it all is the possibility of grace, freedom, clarity, and beauty.  We can bring he nobility and character of Christ to the chaos before us.  When people or circumstances oppress us, we can still live in the freedom of the Holy Spirit. 

(c) 2011 FXP