Hebrews Chapter 11.

Children love to play with toys that look like the things grown ups use. A boy uses a toy truck to move imaginary loads of dirt. A girl prepares her meal in a fold-out play kitchen.

We adults need our play models too as we grow spiritually. The first Israelites needed blood sacrifices and elaborate rules to learn the basics of who God is, and what pleases Him.

The “Hebrews” writer in this chapter states that with Christ, the play models were put aside, and the things they pointed to have now come to pass. The writer focuses on the ideas of death and new life. When a cleansing and forgiveness occured for the Israelites, they used blood to mark the reality of death so that a new life, based on a new promise could begin. This crude way of marking a shift in spritual status is over now. That way simply pointed to a way yet to come, that they could not then grasp.

We are blessed to have received the Good News of Christ as the “New Convenant”–we have the promise of eternal life if we accept that life in the person of Jesus.