As in the business world, the religious world too has its buzz words.  One of these is “spiritual formation.”  Of course, that topic is not new, and it is the centerpiece of Christian theology:  by sin we were malformed and by Christ we are transformed.

I am reading a book by Dallas Willard entitled “Renovation of the Heart” which is another phrase for “Spiritual Transformation.”  Willard reaffirms the essential transformative process:  it is God’s work, and the work, when done, is to create a Christ character in our personalities.   We don’t have to “will” our goodness.   We inherit it as part of our new identities in Christ, as members of the family of God.  In a sense, we are born into our transformation.

A certain intention and attitude facilitates the transformative process:  we desire first to love, serve, and obey God, and to love, serve, and inform our fellow human beings.  We inform them that they, like us, can be free of a dead end life and can enjoy a new eternal life, starting now.  We inform them that Jesus has made that new eternal life possible.  Giving them this information is part of loving them.