“Become more comfortable with discomfort.” My virtual mentor used this phrase in a presentation this week.

Anxiety, uncertainty, exhaustion, disorientation, discouragement, confusion, [I could continue the list, but it’s depressing me] oh, and depression: words that might be captured by “discomfort.”

I tend to run from these “negative” emotions not seeing from a “Big Picture” perspective that these uncomfortable feelings are in truth indicators of a positive direction toward a better life.

I see it in my personal relationship, when I label conflict as “bad” and the feelings associated with conflict as something to avoid. I see it in my business relationships where I may take the usual course of action rather than take a risk at a new approach or an innovative solution.

Being able to identify certain forms of discomfort as “positive” can make the discomfort far more tolerable. Now, go find some pain.

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