I heard a preacher on the radio today. He was just like so many others, God bless him: he had let the text grow stale. He probably was repeating it for the hundredth time. Worse yet, it was a “writing” not an “experience.” The miracle in question was the turning of a few loaves and fishes into enough to feed 7,000 hungry people.

We’re blessed. God is still performing miracles. Jesus is still living with us. Remarkable, incredible, absolutely impossible things are happening because of the Holy Spirit living in us and with us. So my challenge and yours today is not to recycle miracles out of the Bible in a flat-tone voice and flat-lined heart beat. Let’s get excited about the Good News. Let’s tell it like it really was not just “good” but the greatest possible “news” we could tell. You don’t drag out the “news.” You get excited about “news” because it really is new.

And if you’re looking for a miracle to share, start with yourself. You were at a dead end, and so was I. My life was not working. Now I’m a child of God, and I have the exciting assurance of being with the Lord now, and forever in Heaven when I die. Exciting enough? “Go shout it from the mountain!”