I’m beginning a six week “stand up” comedy class tonight, 3 hours each Tuesday, taught at El Camino Real Theater by a Professional Comedian I’ve watched perform.  The comic community is small, and to get a gig is really to be invited based on doing stand up long enough to establish a reputation.

Life is this way.  Woody Allen says half the secret to success is “showing up.”  I might add the other half is “throwing up.”  Either way, “you’re on!”

Seth Godin [see my “Books I’m Reading” list] notes that ideas are plentiful in the birthing,  but few in the maturation.  One reason is that we have fearful little reptile brains deep and center of our wiring, while our cerebellum, or “capacity for reason,” is a rather late addition to our neurological repertoire.  To reduce the book to few words, we have to stomp on the lizard.  Creativity has impact only it it produces something that gets “shipped” according to Godin.  Shipping means we deliver on our promises, to ourselves and others. We balance ideas and execution, dreams and reality, thinking and doing, strategy and attack.  Successful people have a consistent bias for action.

And that’s no joke.