Over this weekend, Syrian Government militia murdered young children at close range, execution style, in Houla, Syria. This kind of massacre is Assad’s answer to the cry for freedom. Digital Journal Account

The U.N. counted 49 children and 34 women among the dead.

 For 14 months Assad has slaughtered his own people, civilians, and the world “watches” with unarmed U.N. observers. Russia and Iran support the Assad regime, and they provide Assad the funds and weapons to do the killing. 

Our State Department is mostly silent, and the President rarely speaks out. The U.N. brokers an empty “truce,” [the “Ammon Agreement”] and then impotently stands by as the killing continues.  Unlike previous mass killings, this one is captured often as it occurs on world social media, leaving no plausible deniability.  

 Imagine being made to watch as a soldier places a gun to your child’s head. We could do so much short of “boots on the ground” including providing the populace the communications equipment and weapons needed to defend themselves. 

As in Nazi Germany, as in Bosnia, as in Rwanda, we the “civilized” world, manage to look the other way.

Here is the video evidence: