In the chasm of the cold
Where hopes sink as sediment,
To shape the geology of our losses
You move like a warm current
Bearing seeds seeking crevices.
You are the dawn upon the headstones
You are the mocker of epitaphs 
You are the eternal formless source
Of every uncorrupted life.  
You are the triumphant “yes” of the newborn.
Adorned in glory as woman, fierce in manhood
Reclined as yin, Rising as yang,
Creating worlds at the very edge of day and night.
Ancient of worlds, Cold Endless Emptiness,
Raiser of the Dead and Maker of the Dead,
Crusher of small bones, Creator of Cancers 
Author of Light, Gentle Emperor of All Worlds
Un-nameable One, One beyond “good” or “evil”
You are Being and Non-Being.
You are our first and last heartbeat
Until to You, the One No-thing we return.