Wow DeAnna.  34 weeks, one week at a time.  One of the “subtext” lessons of this journey has been the power of consistency.  We hiked this mountain alone except for the first few weeks.  I want to say “thank you” for keeping your commitment to reach the summit.  
The Pitch:  I did the exercise.  Maass’s book adds value mostly because of the exercises.  No ivory tower theory for him:  “Just do the work,” he seems to say.  I appreciate that he goes right to the point:  a pitch is a business communication.  Keep it brief, simple, and incorporate a hook.  He gives an example of how a 173 word pitch produced a six figure advance.
Here’s the unedited product of the timed 5 minute exercise:
This is a “near speculative fiction” piece about  a U.S. corporate executive living in L.A., who is on a journey to claim her destiny as a reformer of the Catholic Church.   She will become the first woman pope [“Momma Magdalena I:].  She must confront corrupt Church officials and the Mafia.  Her election as “Momma,” occurs as the Church is about to implode under its own weight of corruption.  To save it, a desperate College of Cardinals elects its arch-enemy and primary reformist:  Celeste Ryan.
 [about 96 words]
As Maass suggests, I’ll revisit this “pitch” in a few days, and see if i can cut it to 50 words.  
Many thanks again DeAnna.  I too wish you “Happy Writing,” but sign off, as I always do, with “Keep Writing!”  
Frank Pray.