God is a gracious holy God who loves us with such grace that He entertains our puny thoughts in a dialogue.  The whole story of redemption is so unlikely and incredible, and is an impenetrable mystery of God’s love.  But within that story, the idea that God should entertain a dialogue with an infinitely inferior intelligence is comprehensible, and scripturally sound.  The why of it it is much more interesting.  It states in Scripture that we are to be as God, or “as gods.”  I use this analogy to understand the dialogue piece.  When I spoke to my infant daughter, I spoke in the the most simple of baby chatter.  I spoke to her at her level.  I did not speak down to her, but assisted her to speak up to me.  This I did in love, with the intent, expectation, and pleasure of growing her into a fully functional adult one day.  This play talk was one step in that process.  So I see myself in communion with God.  The time will come when my speech is more mature, and God can be more direct.  I will one day be more “as God” and speak more as a grown up child of God to the Father, even as Jesus communed with the Father.