Ever try to passionately love anyone or anything according to “the rules,” whatever those might be? Of course, that effort failed, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Intimacy has a “letting go” element that is central to a passionate love encounter.  Too much control constricts the flow of love. So when you search for God by strict disciplines, you will not likely find Him/Her as the Lover He/She is.  

Lectio Divina is a discipline, but one that de-emphasizes control, and emphasizes a dynamic interaction.  God seeks us out and reveals Himself/Herself to us in our openness to receive.  Starting with prayer and openness, we read/listen, we reflect on God’s communication (Word) to us, we respond with a grateful, intentional love in return, and then we “rest” in the full measure of God’s embracing love for us.  
Our divine life is our true life.  Our godless life is our false self, the face given us to by our culture or ego based selfishness.  At our highest level of being, we are God-beings.  God is being through us, and expressing Himself/Herself in our humanity.  I think this is what St. Paul means by “Christ living in us.”  In that status, ‘no-thing’ stands between us and God.  We are intimately connected to God in the unity of His/Her creation.  This is an experiential truth difficult to express except in poetic or artistic terms.
He or she who seeks only himself or herself comes to a dead end.  But she who brings herself to be empty so that she may be filled with the Spirit of God finds the woman God dreamed she was to be.   There is a sweet God-presence even in the daily small things of life that draw people to you.