Spin. It’s everywhere. It’s global, national, regional, and personal. Every nation, group or person has a story about who they are, and what role they played in this or that event. Behind every story is an agenda. The story is meant to persuade. Mostly, the story revolves around: “See me. I’m great.”

But the spin excludes reference to lying, betraying, laziness, disrespect, cruelty, sexual misconduct, narcissism,
and selfish manipulation. We don’t tell that part of the story to others and often not to ourselves.

The important question each of us must ask is not who am I to others, but first, whom am I to God? What is my identity as a spiritual being made in the image of God, and how have I polished or tarnished that image by my conduct?

The sadness of our time, and perhaps of all times, is that God is ignored or redefined to be quite small in our story spinning. My own difficulty in this matter is that God is too immense in power and purpose for me to encounter. She is ever silent. She is like a whisper in the wind.

But He is real, and while incredibly beyond our capability to fully understand, He is by choice personal. He is a “person” of unceasing “S”elf expression. She expresses herself in both the negative and positive forces that flow through the Universe. Science at its best catches a glimpse of Her creative signature.

So we ask again and again, “Who is this person?” whether a candidate for President, a CEO, a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend, a child, or a spouse. We want to know, and they want to know us, because our well-being depends on one another.

You are God’s child. You will either “grow up” to be like your Creator, or you will rebel and define your identity as you please. But your God-identity is your true source of happiness. Expressing that God identity is to be part of the ongoing creative process. This is not religion, but adventure.