The soft and the hard side of truth is simply this: comply with it, and generally things go well. Violate it, and eventually things go bad. Great spiritual teachers seek to increase human happiness by clarifying the gain and the loss of living by correct principles.

The Buddha sought to teach that suffering is mostly a product of our attachment to ideas about how life is supposed to treat us. The Hindu believe we are in great drama of transcendent forces that either are in balance or distress. The Christ taught uniquely that He was the full measure of God visible in human form, and the One Way to higher states of Being.

Teachers of Truth

What is your relation to truth? Is it fear? Is it a desire to know? Is it avoidance or denial? Is it pride? Is it humility? Is it a closed book? Is it an open question?

Jesus taught that there was no need to fear the truth. He said the truth was good news. People are loved by God, and God desires to give the benefits of full life to those who accept his promises. Luke 12:32-48. The Buddha too said, from a very different angle of course, that fear was one of many unnecessary attachments. The Hindu transcendent energy of Kali is the mother of time without the fear of death.

What do these teachers have in common? They suggest to us a truth that our current ideas are unnecessarily bound up in ignorance and fear. The great teachers desire to bring liberation from false ideas.

We Can Embrace Truth Without Fear.

We are the answer to our fears. Our fears derive from our lower natures. These lower natures are grounded in lack and need.

God has given us the tools for producing enough so that much human suffering could be alleviated. But we hoard. We set tight tribal boundaries of “them” and “us.” We greedily assert property rights as a license to allow others to suffer. All of this hoarding is born of fear.

God pours out Her abundance, and provides us with extraordinary creative intelligence to apply that abundance. We can grow more food, produce more medicines, correct genetic defects, assemble basic affordable housing modules, install clean water systems, make education more accessible, enact and enforce just laws, and replace ignorance with science. We can do all this and much more if we love one another as God loves us, without religious, racial or political boundaries.