Fri, 4/9 1:42PM • 7:21

I’ve always trusted the dog more than the dog owner. The dog seems to have an understanding of the basics.   Human beings bring complications.  They reveal themselves by the anxious eyes, or the furrowed brow, or the trembling lip.   They are always there.

 I also love ravens and the ordinary crow. Their characters are built within their systems. They caw. They scream. They signal dangers and walk with attitude.  Their patterns are invariable.  So too are the ducks, both mallards and their hens. Theirs is an unusual marital fidelity. They too seem to understand that having more than one spouse is a complicated luxury reserved to the neurotic.

Animals just simply don’t go out of their way for misery but accept whatever misery might find them.  Oh to be such a human being, to take that allocation of misery, which is ours, and to accept it as enough. But no, we must spin dramas with one another, and pretend that we are artists in search of artistic material. It ends in suicide and suicide can be of the soul, or of the body, but it is self-inflicted death either way.  And all of this happens under the great dome of heaven.  It can happen under the bird shell blue of an unclouded springtime sky. It can happen with great winter clouds, packed upon one another, and a chill wind at your face. It doesn’t matter to us.

Animals know how to move with the seasons in harmony. And we move with the seasons in disharmony. What would it be like for the puma, the squirrel or the attentive owl to be journalists reporting on human frivolities? They would write of wars, and peace accords broken daily. They would write of executions by churches and dictators and would struggle to define the difference between the two.

I’ve taken a walk today. It is a nice walk. There are a few human beings, and more animals, on average. I enjoy being among the animals. They have no need of prayer.  They blame neither God nor themselves. Non-adaptation is not in their repertoire. They don’t seek out therapy, and they don’t seek out God, for they are already in God, and with God. Their cruelties are built within their systems, and so are not cruelties at all. But our cruelties we mastermind ourselves.

Am I cynical? Of course.  This is a dismal report on the human race. It is another thing we humans do to one another.  We detach and condemn. We pretend we are not part of the great wave crashing upon the rocks. We think the ship will sail on forever. No one drowns. And the bodies are just detritus upon the shore. No man assumes that he will not have at least another year to live. And no woman assumes that any man should live a year longer than she.