Recently, I have begun a practice of asking God: What is it that you would have me write that would advance your Kingdom? What can I communicate now that would touch people’s lives for your glory? Then I wait, usually only a few seconds, and the “answer” comes in the form of a short phrase or image. I must then trust that gift of guidance, and follow its lead.

This practice is applicable to virtually every situation: an encounter with a friend or adversary; a telephone call at work; a time of listening to a spouse or child; a difficult decision concerning finances. We can stop, take a breath, ask, and listen. Remarkably, this process can occur within minutes or even seconds. That is how willing and ready the Holy Spirit is when giving counsel and guidance to Believers!

The Spirit of God operates for the purposes of God, and for those purposes alone. He cannot be manipulated or made to serve human purposes. Spirit begets spirit. If a Believer is living in God’s Spirit, he will receive the guidance, comfort and encouragement of the Spirit.

When Samuel anointed the boy David, the spirit of God entered David like a “rushing wind” and vitally empowered him for life. [The Mess.] Just previously, the story of David’s selection expressly states that God does not choose his servants like men might do. God looks not at appearances, but into the heart. When the Spirit enters a willing and surrendered heart, great things will be accomplished for the Kingdom.

This principle was repeated by Jesus, when he said the greatest in the Kingdom of God will be the least in the kingdom of men. In more modern terms, Jesus might have said that an ego that is full of itself cannot receive the inflowing of the Spirit.
Prayer: God, give me a Kingdom focused mind, and a heart emptied of self-centered goals and manipulations. Today, may your will be done through me for your glory and the advancement of your Kingdom purposes.