There is a voice that speaks against hope, truth, vision, and daring:  the Inner Cynic.  This voice is not persuasive, but protective.  It answers to fear, and it parades as wisdom.  It “protects” against change and the many possibilities of success or failure that can be found only in adventure.  The Inner Cynic is the master of excuses.  I am too sick, I am too old, I am too young, I am too inexperienced, I am uneducated, I am married with children, with too many obligations.  I lack time, money or energy. I cannot do what I dream to do.  Such are the mantras of the Inner Cynic.  

The voice of the Inner Dreamer speaks of hope, of truth, of vision and daring. Its voice is not protective, but inspiring.  It answers to achievement, and it advances by faith.  It embraces change as the incubator of wonderful new possibilities.  It accepts hardship, but not excuses.  It makes the most of whatever resources are available to make an immediate positive step in the direction of “the Dream.”  Today, driven by a passion to be fully alive as the person God created me today, I will do what I can in the moment to make progress today in the fulfillment of my dream.  Such is the mantra of the Inner Dreamer.